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Engeneering Solutions


Test speeder:

Our latest development is designed to help you quickly and efficiently check your toner cartridges. With our modification, we bypass the warm-up phase of your printer.
The toner-chips are now directly mounted in the printer, not on the toner cartridges as before. The result is a saving of time (only one warm up Phase), this allows you to check many more cartridges for the same time. You save time and money. The Video will demonstrate you the functionality.



cleaning station CAMTCC Pro10:

  • simultaneous cleaning of 10 Toner Cartridges
  • one cleaning cyclus in 10 seconds
  • complete cleaning in and outside the cartridge
  • fully exhaustion of toner dust over the cleaning station
  • customisable for all common toner cartridges


Blow-up Station:

we had concepted our Blow up station in an efficent way, so you can use the station very easily and very efficent. The body of the Blow-up Station has been build on coated aluminum. The workpiece is in a flat positon right beside the Body, ready to aerate. Based on this construction, damages by Gravity will be reduced.


Mobile Shelf / mobile Storage Rack:

You need a Computer / Printer / Monitor and Keyboard on different places? Our mobile Rack on wheels is your solution. We offer you different sizes, different layouts, depending on your hardway.
Just ask us.