Print Technik Service

Engeneering Solutions


Plotter Repair and Printing Full Services

We repair and maintain your big size plotter-, Laser, Thermo, Needle and Ink Jet Printers, Copy Systems and Fax Machines. As an independent Service Provider, we can rapair all types of devices and all different brands.

20 years of experience are standing for our knowledge and our Qualification in Maintainig and repairing our customers printsystems. We are able to diagnose very efficent and we also fix your problem very fast in order to reduce your costs.

Of course, we have the standard spare parts for your Systems on stock. The prices for spare parts and consumable supplies are always up to date.
We repair very efficient and on a good price. We will replace expensive modules of your technical devices only if absolutely necessary. You will receive our full service of course on-site.

Depending on their intensity, Plotter, Printer and Copy systems should be maintained once or twice the year. With this service you can reduce failures up to 80%. You will have better printouts and a higher per-year fail safe performance of your equipment. As a result you will reduce your Costs.

For all of our operations we give you, a one year on-site guarantee.

Technical Services with design, deployment and constuction of special machinery

Our second departement, is the development and the construcion of machinery you can use in all different sectors.

We construct and produce based on customer requirements.

UOur Spectrum is starting with customer specific adaptions from Standarsolutions, developing new Machinery, Tools and individual accessories. And to Optimize different production processes, like:

  • reducing the heating phase for LaserPrinter and test control units
  • Toner and Ink-Cartridge-Chip Bypass Systems for test units